Camp Fire Ministries

Igniting the fire of revival, winning the lost, and healing the sick for Jesus Christ worldwide.

Founder: Evangalist Jeff Stoker

Hello My name is Jeff Stoker. Back when I was 19 yrs. old Jesus delivered me from drugs and witchcraft.  I have been spreading the gospel Jesus every since. I love to travel for Jesus and share my testimony with everyone. I hide nothing about my life and love giving Godly advise and praying for those around me, so feel free to contact me or my beautiful wife Mary any time just got to the contact us link.

About Camp Fire Ministries


Camp Fire Ministries is an out reach ministry that is founded by first Jesus Christ than by myself Jeff Stoker. It is my goal to spread the gospel everywhere and lead as many that will come to Jesus. I offer Prayer, Counsel, Spiritual advice and many other ways to help gain and maintain a strong growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I also do Prayer Groups and other events as lead by Jesus. Please
feel free to comment of the ministry wall. God Bless you. For those who would like to make a contribution to this Ministry please do so by sending it to Camp Fire Ministries in c/o Jeff Stoker at, P.O. Box 332 Pleasant Hill, LA.



Camp Fire Ministries believes the Jesus is Gods only begotten son as is God in flesh and he was crucified dead and buried and resurrected on the 3rd day and is alive and well today. We believe that through Christ all thing are possible. We also believe that through Jesus Christ is the only way to escape hell and that there is no true salvation with out him. We believe that all proclaimed Christians should be doing something for Christ and ministering to this lost and dying world in some way shape or fashion and carrying out the great commission by healing the sick and sharing what Jesus taught us to do.